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ITC/ILO Gender and non-Discrimination Programme Enrolment Form

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Friday, 22 March 2019 - 01:02    
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A908112 Gender Academy

IMPORTANT! This course costs 3,500 euros. Please make sure you have read and understood the "Fees and Fellowships" section of the website before completing this form: You will be requested to upload relevant documentation. Please note that the deadline for requesting fellowships was August 15, 2015. After this date we regret to inform you that no requests for fellowship can be accepted. The deadline for applicants who are not requesting a fellowship is September 16, 2015.​ Please note that due to the high number of requests you may experience some difficulty with our application platform. In case of trouble or should you wish to integrate your candidature with further documentation, please contact Thank you
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IMPORTANT NOTE: THE DEADLINE FOR FELLOWSHIPS WAS AUGUST 15, THEREFORE YOU ARE KINDLY INVITED TO INDICATE AN ALTERNATIVE SPONSOR TO COVER FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION COSTS (euro 3,500 plus travel and visa costs). (Previous to deadline: in case you are applying for a fellowship covering tuition fees, please indicate who will be paying for subsistency and travel)
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